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How can you soften granulated sugar that is hard?

If the sugar has been exposed to moisture and tuned hard after drying out, please discard the sugar. The taste, texture and safety of the product may be compromised if moistur (MORE)

How do you get granulated sugar into caster sugar?

Castor sugar may not be easy to find, but it is easy to make. In fact, it's really nothing more than granulated sugar that has been ground to a super fine consistency. Here' (MORE)

What is granulated sugar?

AnswerGranulated sugar is most common form in which sugar is distributed to consumers. It's the same stuff you'll find in sugar packets at coffee shops or in the dispensers on (MORE)
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What is granulated coffee?

Granulated coffee is just coffee that is available in the instant (a little bit larger then powder) like form. This removes the need to grind it up and makes it a faster alter (MORE)
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What are the methods of granulation?

There are two types of granulation they are Wet Granulation and Dry  Granulation.   Wet granulation and dry granulation depends on the type of  fertilizer granulators an (MORE)
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What is an arachnoid granulation?

Arachnoid granulations (or arachnoid villi) are small protrusions of the arachnoid (the thin second layer covering the brain) through the dura (the thick outer layer).
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