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Is granuloma annulare contagious?

Is it contagious? It is not contagious and you can not "catch it" from anyone. It is not ringworm, and children don't need to be kept home from school.

Is pyogenic granuloma dangerous?

If you are otherwise healthy, a pyogenic granuloma in the mouth is not particularly dangerous. It is simply a localized area of acute inflammation in the gum tissue with highl (MORE)

How do you get a granuloma of the lung?

My pulmonologist tells me that the granuloma tumors that I have in my lungs (four in the left lung and one on the right) is from the COPD. He has ruled out sarcoidosis. I woul (MORE)

Differences between granuloma and granulation tissue?

Granulation tissue is characterised by the presence of new blood vessels, fibroblasts and mononuclear cells in an edemateous extracellular matrix. A granuloma is a specific (MORE)

What is the treatment for granuloma?

If the foreign substance that is causing the granuloma is oil based (like vaseline or mineral oil), a 6-week course of corticosteriods (like spironolactone) have been shown to (MORE)