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Where do you get your grapes from?

Most grapes are imported from the Mediterranean. Some are grown in the USA and Europe. Grapes are also a popular crop in Australia, along many of the inland rivers, and in th (MORE)

Can you choke on a grape?

Yes you can choke on a grape. The grape can get stuck in your throat. You might think that grapes are soft and you cant choke on them, but if you eat the grapes whole, you can (MORE)

What are bronze grapes?

Bronze grapes are also known as muscadine or scuppernong grapes. They are used for eating, cooking, and wine-making. They are grown in the southern United States.

Are grapes good for you?

Grapes are indeed good for you (in sensible portions). They are rich in vitamins & essential minerals. Contain high volumes of phytonutrients called polyphenols, which red (MORE)

Can you Freeze Grapes?

OH YUMMY!!! Red grapes seedless of courses are excellent in the summer (or anytime of year) they are like candy from the freezer. They get sweeter. I learned this many years a (MORE)

What is the enzyme in grapes?

Pectinases - Pectinases occur naturally in all fruit - including grapes - and are partly responsible for the ripening process. Grape pectinases are however inactive under the (MORE)

Is a grape a berry?

Grapes are one of the "true" berries. Check the classification requirements and you'll find that grapes are listed as an example of a berry.
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What are champagne grapes?

"Champagne grapes" is the name given to a specific type of grape, the Corinth. These grapes should not be confused with the various groups used to make wine in the Champagne r (MORE)

What do grapes symbolize in the grapes of wrath?

The phrase, "grapes of wrath," is taken from the Battle Hymn of the Republic, a poem published by Julia Ward Howe in 1862. The poem was set to music and became the rallying c (MORE)

Where do grapes grow?

Answer   They grow on vines in moderatly hot to hot climates. If you are in a hot place and there are fields or orchards around you there could be a grape vine.   Ans (MORE)