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Where do grapples grow?

grapples grow on trees then put in a speical grape juice for a certin amount of time and then sent to stores......... i think that is done in Jamaca
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How do you get the grappling hook?

I forget which floor, but it's some where in the ice temple where you have to beat up a couple of yook.
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How do you get the grapple on Poptropica?

You get it from the basho ninja master when you go through the ninja process on Red Dragon Island.Hope this helps you
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What is a sentence for grappling?

Nobody can enjoy lightening of Maharaj palace when complete Karnataka state is grapling with severe power cuts.
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Where can you get a grappling gun?

you get it at the ice temple at the isle of frost in the southeastern part of the area
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What are grapple attacks?

Throw ropes with hooks attached to ships or even castles to scale the walls or sides of the ships.
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How do you say 'grapple' in Bulgarian?

GRAPPLE ['græpl] I. 1. грайфер, кука/приспособление за захващаР( Full Answer )
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Does mudflap have the grappling hook?

no, cause when you look closely to his hand when the twins are fighting devastator he's holding a hook that came from skids. so actually skids has a grappling hook not mudflap ( Full Answer )
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Where is the grappling hook on Cryptids Island?

The grappling hook is part of the solution in New Jersey. It is in the attic next to where the raccoon appears. Use the grappling hook to climb the tree and recover some eg ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get the grapple on Poptropica?

you go to the roof by the docks get laser by saving agent take laser to house with shock lights climb to top laser the bars on the door off save agent and he will give you gra ( Full Answer )