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What is force grapple leap in Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

  Force Grapple Leap allows any character that uses the force to use grapple points (the little red jump pads that the characters with guns can use). Force characters will (MORE)

How do you use a grapple gun in roblox?

  This is an easy answer to the question.   Using a grapple gun is like flying, so put the grapple gun(you will have to click) to a very high spot and then press y to g (MORE)

How do you get the grapple on Lara croft legend croft manor?

Go into the tech room where Zip is, walk over the right side and on the floor there is a laptop, interact with that and a mini-video should come up showing that there is an ob (MORE)

How do you grapple hook on Laura croft Tomb Raider anniversary for wii?

You_shake_the_numbchuck">You shake the numbchuck In case anybody else like me comes across this frustrating problem, decided to expand on the simplistic answer above. I don't (MORE)

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How do you get the grappling hook in the Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

It can be found in a Chest in the Temple of Ice. You need the Boomerang to get to it, but obviously, if you're at the Temple of Ice, you've gotten the Boomerang at the Temple (MORE)

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How do you get the grappling bowtie on Spy Island?

You get it from the second spy you rescue, who is being held at the electrified building on Toupee Terrace. To rescue him, you will need the Laser Pen you get by rescuing the (MORE)

In grappling martial arts like Judo Jiu Jitsu is riding on your training partner's back on all fours a suitable exercise to strengthen their back and your balance?

This is a very dangerous exercise for the person on the bottom. People were designed to walk upright and the lower vertebrae are not very good at transverse stress. They will (MORE)