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What is a A grasping nature?

Emotionally, 'a grasping nature' would be a quality of clinging or dependency. Objects that have a grasping nature include wrenches that grab and hold one object to tighten ( Full Answer )
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What does grasping mean?

Grasping meaning to try to take or grab something. For example 'as the roller coaster began moving she grasped her friends hand as she was scared'
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A sentence for grasping?

Charles Dickens ceratainly did an excellent job of describing the grasping old sinner whom he named Ebenezer Scrooge.
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What is grasping power?

In the context of a person grasping FOR power it means they want power and are trying to get it. But if you just been grasping power I'm not actually that sure sorry. Hope it ( Full Answer )
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What is digital grasp?

Digital grasp refers to Palmar grasp, which is the first stage of developmental in children to acquire the dynamic tripod grasp (the way we hold pencils)
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What is a grasping prey?

This sentence is an example of a question. A question mark shouldgo at the end of this question. Any sentence that starts with wordslike what, where, why which, and who requir ( Full Answer )
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What is the GRASP method?

G: whats given (the information already given 2 u) R: whats required (what u have 2 find out) A: the analysis (the formula ur gonna use) S: the solution (just do the ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word grasping in a sentence?

She was grasping for a life jacket when the boat tipped over. Grasping the steering wheel tightly, he avoided a collision. Without a real plan, he was simply grasping ( Full Answer )
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What is tripod grasp?

its a reflex develop at 18 months of age, in which child is able to hold a pencil