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What is grass?

A herbacious plant with tiny stems that are only a few milimeters in height and long, slender leaves. It contains no branches like trees, shrubs and forbs do, and its growth p (MORE)
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Why is there grass?

Grass exists because it has evolved to be able to thrive under wild grazing animals' grazing habits. However the true reason why grass exists is an ultimate evolutionary and b (MORE)
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Is sea grass a grass?

In the sense that it looks like grass, is plant, has roots, has long elongated leafs with little to no stems growing out of the ground and can cover large area while being so (MORE)
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Can you grow grass from grass clippings?

With the exception Bermuda grDuring the spring and summer months,grass clippings can occupy up to 50 percent of a yard's totalcuttings. Most homeowners quickly realize that th (MORE)
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How grass can grass die?

I'm guessing you mean how can grass die. Lack of water or nutrients is the main reason that grass dies.
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Does grass seeds grow from grass?

Grass seed is the reproductive method of most grasses, so grass produces seeds which when sown produce new plants.
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Do grass spiders eat grass?

no grass spiders do not eat grass. They get their name from living IN the grass NOT eating the grass.
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What kind of grasses are prairie grasses?

There are dozens of varieties of prairie grasses that vary in size, color and growing conditions. You can see one list at the related link.
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Is sea grass really grass?

well, yes, but it is more like seaweed and lives in the ocean, sea, etc.
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Is sudan-grass a type of grass?

Yes it is. It's a warm-season grass (or a C4 grass) that is best grown in warmer climates, and is commonly used in the South as a pasture/hay grass for livestock.