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What is ultrasound transducer?

  Simply put, an ultrasound transducer is the component that generates the ultrasonic signal used in ultrasonic imaging equipments. It also picks up the return signal. A c (MORE)

What is ultrasound in animals?

Animals use ultrasound to find prey and to find there way through the night or through dark places. Bats ultrasound comes out of it's nose and the waves are bounced off the pr (MORE)
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How do you get a ultrasound on Howrse?

If your mare is pregnate, in the box labled reproduction,there will be an option called "Ultrasound". if your mare is 8 months pregnate or more, for 50 Equus you can select ul (MORE)

Is gravy an acid?

That depends in part on the type of gravy. Generally speaking, most gravies have a fair amount of salt, which, if you're worried about it burning in a mouth sore of some kind (MORE)

What is the procedure for an ultrasound?

Answer . An imaging ultrasound is a simple, safe and routine procedure using very high frequency (ultrasonic) sound waves to "look inside" the body. Arrange to have the pro (MORE)

What the ultrasound technician do?

As an Ultrasound Technician, you are in the middle of what can be life changing situations with people. For example, if you are doing a routine pregnancy check up, and you see (MORE)

What is endovag ultrasound?

The Endovag ultrasound is a test that is only used to view and  diagnose pelvic organs. If an ovarian cyst is suspected, this test  will be used instead of a typical ultraso (MORE)

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