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How do you use the word 'gravitas' in a sentence?

The ambassador communicated the U.S. nuclear policy position to his host nation's prime minister with the gravitas befitting the imminently dangerous situation at hand.

Why is gravitas the most important roman virtue?

Gravitas is the most important of the Roman virtues because it encompasses all that a Roman was supposed to be. It was a combo of physical deportment, mental and emotional sta (MORE)

Does gravitas have anything to do with roman education?

Gravitas, dignitas et integritas was an ideal of the Roman aristocracy and these virtues were considered three cardinal values of the value system of mos maiorum (ancestral cu (MORE)
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What is meant by the term gravitas?

The term gravitas comes from Latin and means in all seriousness, dignity, and of importance. It was one of the great virtues of ancient Roman times along with pietas.