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Why did the US fall into the Great Depression?

When World War I ended America was a prosperous nation. So  prosperous the United States could afford to own stocks and bonds.  The Roaring Twenties in America were extravag (MORE)

When was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression It began in the wake of the stock market crash of October 1929 and lasted until at least 1933. The end varied somewhat from country to country, and there (MORE)

What were the hardships during the Great Depression?

There were many hardships during the Great Depression. As banks failed, people lost money they had in savings and checking accounts. Many people lost all their money and some (MORE)

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What was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a worldwide economic downturn starting inmost places in 1929 and ending at different times in the 1930s orearly 1940s for different countries. It was (MORE)

How did the Great Depression happen?

The Great Depression happened because many of the businesses of the 1920's and 30's stocks were growing at an alarmingly fast rate. And soon the stocks were worth more then th (MORE)

How did the Great Depression?

The stock market crash in 1929 started the Great Depression, wipingout people's investments along with the failure of the bankingsystem. It ended at the beginning of World War (MORE)

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