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How are the great plains and the central plains different?

They are mainly different by the precipitation and the crops. The central plains have more precipitation (20-40) and the Great plains have (less than 20). The central plains a (MORE)

What was the Great plains Indians government?

The People of the Plains government was like an democracy. Everybody had a say in what to do and if there wasn't a complete agreement in the tribe they wouldn't go through wit (MORE)

The Central Plains and the Great Plains make up what Plains?

There are Central Plains in Wisconsin and in Texas. But the  Wisconsin Central Plains, as well as the Northern Plains (part of  the Great Plains) are included in the tall-gr (MORE)

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Why did the Great Plains live in Villages?

"Village" is a term obviously applied historically by white observers; they could equally have said "camps". Nomadic buffalo hunters did not move around in tribe-sized groups (MORE)