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What did Sparta do during the Persian War?

It was called by Athens to help oppose the Persian attack in 490 BCE, but arrived after the battle was over. It provided land and naval contingents and leadership at the bat (MORE)

The Persian War or Peloponnesian War?

The Persian wars were between the Greeks of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persians. The Persians wanted to stabilise their empire while the Greek cities were rebelling wit (MORE)

How many Persian wars were there?

The wars were spread over 50 years 499 to 449 BCE.. Although somepeople give them numbers, this is a false division as so manydifferent of Greek cities were involved over that (MORE)

What was the Persian War?

A fifty-year series of wars and battles between the Persian Empire and various coalitions of Greek city-states 499-449 BCE. An attempt by the Persians to put down revolts by (MORE)

What were the Persian Wars?

(499 - 449 BC) Series of wars between Greek city-states and thePersian Empire, particularly two invasions of Greece by Persia(490, 480 - 479). When Darius came to power in Per (MORE)

How did the outcome of the Greco-Persian War contribute to the causes of the Peloponnesian War?

With the Persian threat gone, Athens continued to extort the war funds from the anti-ersian league and used them for its own aggrandisement and financial benefit, including in (MORE)

How did the first Persian war end?

After 50 years of mostly failure, the Persians gave up their idea of imposing peace in the Eastern Mediterranean, agreed to an end to the war, and left the Greek city-states t (MORE)

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