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What is a greco roman knuckle lock?

A move in early era roman and Dow professional wrestling. Two wrestlers lock up holding hands and push there chests together trying to overpower one another. Simular to an ext (MORE)
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What cultures contributed to the Greco Roman Empires?

There was no "Greco-Roman" civilization. The term is use to comment on the similarities between classical Greece and Republican and Imperial Rome. Greece is unique in all of (MORE)

What is Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Greco-Roman wrestling is the real sport of wrestling, practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is thousands of years old, and very different from the WCW or WWF. Schools (MORE)

What are the differences between judeo-christians and the greco-roman religions?

The differences between the two religions or forms of worship is that the Judeo-Christians worship only one God, while the Greco-Romans worshiped many gods. The differences b (MORE)
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What is Greco-Roman civilization?

The term Greco-Roman is used to refer to the ancient Greek and  Roman cultures which were very similar in structure.  Geographically, the term is used to refer to the Medite (MORE)

What is the greco-roman language?

Technically there is no such thing as a Greco-Roman language. The term Greco-Roman refers to the combined cultures of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. The languages spoken wer (MORE)