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What is greed?

-excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves avarice: reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (MORE)

What is human greed?

Answer . Human Greed is that quality of an individual which drives him/her to take more than they need. The person, who knows contentment, eats to live but the greedy perso (MORE)

Why is greed bad?

Greed is bad because it undermines society, eventually destroying it. Society, in this case, is all life, human or otherwise. When you are greedy, i.e. taking more than you ne (MORE)

Why is greed good?

It isn't. But in classical economic thought the rational pursuit of self-interest tempered by social responsibility adds to general prosperity by expanding production and exch (MORE)

Who is the God of greed?

ploutus, or plutus, was the god of wealth. The god was usually depicted as a boy holding a cornucopia filled with grain in the company of his mother Demeter.He was blinded by (MORE)
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Greed is a curse what is greed here?

Greed is a curse, so in this phrase, greed is the curse of wantingmore than is needed. A curse of greed might lead to over reachingor overextending, which can be disastrous.