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What does the cross on the greek flag represent?

  The cross at the top, left-hand corner is a symbol of Christianity and emphasizes the deep-rooted connection between the country and Christianity, which is what the gr (MORE)

Why did Greeks create Greek mythology?

Mythology was created to help them comprehend the things that are happening around them. Mythology helped Greeks (or other civilization) answers questions which was hard to an (MORE)

What is the cross assembler?

Answer . The assembly part of a compiler is at the back end of the build process. A build process takes instructions from a programming language and converts them into mac (MORE)
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Why do hot cross buns have crosses on them?

These buns are traditionally eaten in Lent and especially on Good Friday, the day jesus was crucified. The crosses are there to remind us of the Cross on which he died.
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What did Greeks call the people who were not Greeks?

They call them Xeni, alodapi. ******************** Ancient Greeks called the foreigners barbarians (βάρβαροι) but without the negative meaning that this word has no (MORE)

Was the cross jesus carried a full cross or a cross beam?

He carried the full cross.   Christ was crucified on a cross, but there are at least 3 types: - "T-shaped" (or "low tau") . - "+- shaped" (or "high-tau"). [This is (MORE)

What is how are you in Greek?

  If you are speaking informally, to one person, it is:   Τι κάνεις; (latinized: Ti kaneis?; pronounced: "tee KAH-neess ?")     If you are speaking forma (MORE)

How do you say 'I am a Greek girl' in Greek?

Είμαι Ελληνίδα [eeme Elleeneetha] = I am a Greek (feminine) Pronunciation: *e*=ε, αι, as in "pet", "set", "them" *ee*=η, ει, ί, as in "feel", "heel", (MORE)

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