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Which language is older greek or latin?

Greek is older. It is attested earlier and reached its classical form earlier than Latin. The oldest inscriptions in a recognizable, but archaic, form of Greek are the Mycen (MORE)
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How do you say Greece in the Greek language?

Can't spell it right without a Greek keyboard, but it is HELLAS. The 'L's in the Greek alphabet would look like capital 'A's without the crossbar.   In Greek: Ελλάδα (MORE)

How do you say hello in the ancient greek language?

There are two ways to say hello in Ancient Greek depending on how many people you are greeting. The Ancient Greek word for saying hello to one person is pronounced ki-re (th (MORE)

How did the Greeks and Romans contribute to the American language?

Since western science and medicine originate from ancient Greece, many scientific and formal medical words are Greek. Many words in the English language are of Latin origin. (MORE)

Is greek a dead language?

Ancient Greek is a dead language which means it is not spoken as a common everyday language for people to communicate with. However modern Greek is still spoken in Grease and (MORE)

What English words are from the Greek language?

There are many English words derived from the Ancient Greek language. These are a few: autobiograhy - book written about ones own life- comes from three greek words. 'Autos' (MORE)