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What is meant by plebiscite?

A plebiscite refers to a type of referendum. In it, the voters of a given jurisdiction place their votes on some proposal, usually for motion in the legislative body of that r (MORE)

What leader uses plebiscite to make him emperor?

In the mid 19th Century Louis-Napoleon, also known as Napoleon the Third (serving as France's President at the time) held a plebiscite in France to decide the question of whet (MORE)

Did the cold war start in 1946?

The exact date of the start is debated upon. However, the common agreement is that i started at the Yalta Conference between US, USSR and the UK. The Yalta conference was in A (MORE)

How do you make movies with il2 1946?

Well, I don't really KNOW but I have an idea how it should work: 1. Go to your control settings and set keys / buttons for something like "quick record start" & "quick recor (MORE)

If you were a French voter in 1803 how would you have voted on the plebiscite to make Napoleon Emperor?

If I was A French soldier in 1803 I would have voted no to make Napoleon emperor. I would have voted no because, although some of Napoleons laws or rights were good, at differ (MORE)
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What was going on in the world in the year of 1946?

Some of the events that happened in 1946 were the formation of  Weight Watchers, the publishing of Animal Farm, and the first sales  of Tide detergent. There was also a pris (MORE)

What was the 1 song in 1946?

#1 Songs of 1946   #  # Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief - Betty Hutton- Nat "King" Cole  # (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons  # Five Minutes More - Frank Sinatra  # T (MORE)