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Who are the Greeks?

i am not an expert on geeks more just generally greece... Ancient Contributions Greece is an amazing civilization which contributed many items and ideas to our civilization. (MORE)

When were the Greeks?

The Greeks are one of the oldest civilizations. The Greeks started around 500 B.C. The Greeks also started the first democracy, wich is very important in todays world.

What did the Greeks do?

Most Greeks worshipped the Gods and many Greeks took adventures over seas... To add on to that The Greeks made many contributions, They were the first to have made and used th (MORE)

What did you get from the Greeks?

alot of things including alphabet ( the word comes from alpha beta the two first letters of the greek alphabet the third and fourth being gamma and delta) steam engine ( an e (MORE)

What is how are you in Greek?

  If you are speaking informally, to one person, it is:   Τι κάνεις; (latinized: Ti kaneis?; pronounced: "tee KAH-neess ?")     If you are speaking forma (MORE)

What is Greeks?

Greeks are those who have ancestry or originate from the country of Greece in Europe.
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About the Greeks?

greeks where an anciant civilization.they had many gods.there most known ruler (alexander the grate) almost controled the hole contanent befor his untimely death (couse of dea (MORE)

What is will in Greek?

A will as in the will that someone has for when they die is called a "Diathiki" or ¨Διαθήκη¨. If you're meaning the will like "I will go to the market" that is the fu (MORE)