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Is greenhorn an animal?

No. A "greenhorn" is someone who is new to the situation (a rookie) and doesn't yet know what he's doing.
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How do you get to greenhorn plains on fossil fighters?

If you've been told that you can go to greenhorn plains then go to the fighter area, talk to Beth and she'll ask what dig site you want to travel to, then give you the options ( Full Answer )
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Where is the idol fragment in greenhorn plains?

where you enter greenhorn plains go right > until u get to a yellow path follow that path then step off it and look left on your radar the RED DOT should be right there
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What is a greenhorn?

A greenhorn is someone who is new in a job or new to a skill.
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What is the gender of greenhorn?

The noun 'greenhorn' is a common gender noun , a word for amale or female who is inexperienced.
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What is a sentence for greenhorn?

The old-time card sharps always let the greenhorn win a few hands early on so he'd up his ante too.
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What is the origins of the idiom greenhorn?

It originated with cowboys who noticed the horns on young cattle had a greenish tint. So in the Old West, a person who was young or inexperienced in his craft or trade was cal ( Full Answer )
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Is a greenhorn used to describe an animal?

The term "greenhorn" was originally used to describe an immature bullock or other horned animal, but now it is usually used to describe a person who is new at something.