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How much would sea levels rise worldwide if the Greenland ice sheet melted?

The Greenland Ice Sheet holds almost 3 million cubic kilometres ofice (684,00 cubic miles). If it all melted sea levels all over theworld would rise by 7.2 metres (24 feet).
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What would happen to the elevation of the island of Greenland if the ice sheet were to melt away?

Curiously, if Greenland's ice sheet melted away, the country would  rise a little. The weight of ice is actually pressing Greenland  lower into the ground. The same thing wo (MORE)

Why is Greenland called Greenland when its mostly ice?

This is because Erik the Red found it while he was banished from his home in Scandinavia for 3 years spending them traveling when he ran into green land. Since he was the firs (MORE)

Is Greenland always covered by ice?

Most of Greenland is covered by a continental glacier, so it is permanently under ice. The remainder of Greenland is only snow-covered during parts of the year.
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Does Greenland or Iceland have more ice?

so back in the olden days people tricked people by naming green land green land instead of ice land so basically ice land should be green land because they wanted more people (MORE)

Is the Greenland Ice Shelf melting?

The Greenland ice SHEET is melting at an accelerating rate, now over 100 cubic kilometers per year, which contributes about 0.35mm by itself to sea level rise each year. Sou (MORE)

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