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What is green IT?

Technology hardware has an impact on the environment, be it withenergy consumption or use of unfriendly materials (plastic andsuch) and other implications. Green IT means tec ( Full Answer )
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What is Greening?

I am not really sure about the question. Greening in general can mean doing/using something in changing your lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly way. It is as simple ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to be green?

Get some green paint and dump it over yourself OR, compost your organic food, recycle paper, juice boxes, pop cans, etc., turn off the lights, shut down your computer, use a s ( Full Answer )
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Why are green algae green?

The chlorophyll in the chloroplasts of the algae cells is what's green. The chlorophyll turns sunlight into food through photosynthesis.
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What makes green bacon green?

bacon is green because all the cells are joined and there is a special acid in it.
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Why green sand is called green?

Green sand is a mixture of sand with bentonite clay, pulverized coal, and water used in metal casting . It is not necessarily green in color, but is called green because it ( Full Answer )
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What makes green vegetables green?

a green thing named chlorophyl. all of the green parts of plants like leaves have chlorophyl. chlorophyl is saved in chloroplast.
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What is greening out?

Greening out is an example of passing out, smoking too muchgreen (Marijuanna) to the point which you cannot handle keepingyour eyes open.. In other words getting bonged up!
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Why do you where green?

I guessing you mean why people wear green. Well that can be a number of reasons but usually in today's society green symbolizes recycling and earth, basically being an environ ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Green Bridge of Wales green?

Most of the year the 'bridge' has lush green grass growing along the top and a slight covering of green lichen growing in places where there is not enough soil to grow grass. ( Full Answer )