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What airline fly to greensboro North Carolina?

  The airlines serving Greensboro, NC are: Allegiant American Continental Delta Northwest United US Airways
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Does North Carolina have a fall line?

Yes, North Carolina has a fall line: it is the boundary between the  coastal plain in the east and the Piedmont Plateau in the central  part of the state. It is a northeast- (MORE)

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What is the price of a Greyhound bus ticket from Greensboro North Carolina to Gainsville Florida?

A Greyhound bus ticket from Greensboro to Gainsville will cost approximately $116.16 - $149.00 depending on the fare type selected. The price of a bus ticket depends on the f (MORE)

Distance from North Carolina to South Carolina?

Depends... if its like Columbia to Charlotte, it's really far, like 2 and a half hours by car. If you're in Carowinds, you can walk across the foot wide line that borders the (MORE)

Where can you buy lace front wigs in Greensboro North Carolina?

If nowhere else, go to East Kivett Drive in High Point. According to a local search engine, here are some places in Greensboro that sell wigs, though you should contact them t (MORE)

What channel you s Super Bowl on in Greensboro North Carolina?

Channel Fox 8, WGHP, shows the Super Bowl for Greensboro, North  Carolina. The Super Bowl is show once a year in the month of  February.
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