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Is greenwich meridian a line of longitude?

Yes. Every "meridian" is an imaginary line on the Earth that joins the north and south poles and has the same longitude at every point on it. The Greenwich meridian is the (MORE)

Which Arab country lies in greenwich?

Greenwich is a city in England and cities with its namesake also  exist in former English colonies (such as the USA and Australia).  There is no Arab country that has a Gree (MORE)

What is the phonetic pronunciation of the name Greenwich?

  In as far as the pronunciation of Greenwich, England, then there are two possible pronunciations in use in the UK although one is quite incorrect!   For hundreds of y (MORE)

Why does time start in Greenwich?

  It was an arbitrary decision to locate the Prime Meridian at Greenwich because that is the location of the Royal Observatory. Every point on Earth exists on a specific m (MORE)
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What is Greenwich England?

Greenwich is a Borough to the South of London on the Thames River. It is known mostly for the Greenwich Meantime time line, the Prime Meridian at 0' degrees longitude. This (MORE)

What is the significance of Greenwich mean time?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the time of day at any point on the  Greenwich meridian (the zero degree line of longitude). It is from  this time that all other time zones on (MORE)