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What is the best way to get from the World Trade Center to Greenwich Village?

The subway is the fastest and most convenient way. You can buy a Single Ride Ticket or a Metrocard at the electronic kiosks inside the station. Take the Uptown E train (of th (MORE)

How do you get to Greenwich Village by train?

Greenwich Village (aka "The Village"), as well as the West Village, are serviced by the A-C-E (the blue line), the 1-2-3 (the red line) and the B-D-F-V (the orange line). On (MORE)

How far is Greenwich Village from Penn Station?

It's very close. A little over a mile; up to a mile and a half, depending on where in Greenwich Village you're going. Penn Station is in Chelsea, and Chelsea is the neighborho (MORE)

How do you get to Greenwich Village from Penn station?

'Next Stop, Greenwich Village'   1. The nearest subway hub is on 34st. Penn Station, 8th Ave.   2. While you're there, you take either the A or E. Whichever one you ta (MORE)

What subway do you take from Greenwich Village to the Financial District?

There are a couple of subway lines you can take.    1) The most direct route would be to take the Downtown 1 train (of the 1-2-3, the red line) from Christopher Street/ (MORE)

Which subway do you take from Grand Central to Greenwich Village?

Take the Uptown 6 train (of the 4-5-6, the dark green line), one stop, from 42nd Street-Grand Central Station to 51st Street. The 51st Street Station on the 6 train is connect (MORE)
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Where was the village of Greenwich located?

Greenwich is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, which is a  district of South East London, England. It is well known for its  maritime history and for giving its nam (MORE)

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