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What is a gremlin bell?

A small bell attached to a motorcycle, believed by some bikers to scare off road gremlins. Gremlin bells should be given as a gift to assure maximum effectiveness. -------- ( Full Answer )
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What is a gremlin?

Gremlin: Little, mischievous spirits of tools and machinery. They are responsible for the little mishaps when working with tools, such as the sudden diversion of a hammer tow ( Full Answer )
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How many gremlins were there in gremlins 2?

1.Brain Gremlin 2.Bat Gremlin 3.Vegetable Gremlin 4.Spider Gremlin (Mohawk) 5.Girl Gremlin 6.Phantom of the opera Gremlin And the rest of them so... I'd say about 4,976 grem ( Full Answer )
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What are gremlins?

A mixture between Santa Clause and Sam Saddler.. Gremlins are often found in cheese factorys but in rare cases they may be found at schools.. If found they should be killed. ( Full Answer )
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How are the gremlins built?

When gremlins are exposed to bright light I think it hurts them, but when they are exposed to sunlight it kills them.
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What was the gremlins about?

Gremlins begins with inventor Rand Peltzer trying to find a quick gift for his son Billy before returning home from a New York trip. He settles on a unique pet in a Chinatown ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a gremlin?

well none really knows if gremlins exist but personally i think gremlins are in forests but really i think gremlins are FAKE!
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When was Gremlins released?

Its U.S. release date was June 8, 1984. For a list of release dates in other countries, see the Related Link below.
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Can you have a gremlin as a pet?

If you can find one in real life, and if you know how to take care of it, then yes. Good luck finding, and then taming, an imaginary creature.
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Is Gremlin funny?

Are you an idiot? of coarse Gremlins is a funny movie. Gremlins 2, the new batch how ever is funnier.