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What is a grievance?

A grievance may be a dispute between empoyler & employee.. It is basically any disagreement between two parties.. A grievance is also a complaint one party has against anoth (MORE)

What are the causes of grievance?

Overt manifestation of a grievance by an employee taking recourse to the formal procedure may not in all cases solve the real problem. It is true that in many cases the grieva (MORE)

What is the list of grievances?

A list of grievances is a list with full details of real orperceived issues that cause feelings of resentment or indignation.The person or group that is writing the list feels (MORE)

What is grievance procedure?

Depending on the organisation the grievance procedure will differ. This is usually a process undertaken by or against somebody. It usually undertaken as a result of action or (MORE)

Sentence for grievance?

Mistreated at work and then summarily fired for complaining about it, she certainly has every right to file a grievance.
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What is a grievance policy?

A grievance policy is a policy that describes how an organization will respond to a complaint by an employee or other interested person.
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What is factual grievance?

it is where the needs of employee remain unfulfilled e.g. promisedsalary on 1st paid on 7th
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What is grievance report?

Nice word for a formal complaint. Used by many organizations-action taken depends on which one.
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