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How did Dumbledore defeat grindelwald since grindelwald was the master of the elder wand?

its simpler remember the first book when Harry's buying his wand "the wand chooses the Wizard" its simple to think that the elder wand did not choose to have grindelwald as it ( Full Answer )
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Grindelwald which country capital?

Grindelwald is a place in the same district of Switzerland as the capital city, which is Bern. So Grindelwald is not a capital city.
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Who is gellert grindelwald in Harry Potter?

Gellert Grindewald was a dark wizard who Dumbledore had a legendary duel with in 1945 which led to Dumbledore winning and Grindewald being sent to Azkaban. However we find o ( Full Answer )
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Who is Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Grindelwald is the Dark Wizard that befriended Dumbledore in their youth, but who Dumbledore eventually defeated after he realized what he was. The Harry Potter author JK Rowl ( Full Answer )
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Who is grindelwald in Harry Potter 7?

A dark wizard, whom Dumbledore beat in a magic duel. This is already mentioned in book 1. However, when they were young, Dumbledore and Grindelwald were good friends.
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When was Grindelwald in Switzerland built?

Like most places in Europe, there is no record of when Grindelwald was founded. The first written record of Grindelwald is in 1146 . At that time it already existed, but nobo ( Full Answer )
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How old is gellret grindelwald in Harry Potter?

Gellert Grindelwald was Dumbledore's childhood best friend, so it can be safe to assume that they are around the same age. There is no age given in the books for either of the ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Grindelwald village located?

Grindelwald Village is located in Tasmania. A Dutch man based the village's design on the concept of a Swiss style village when he moved to live there.