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Why do they call meatball grinders meatball grinders?

A submarine sandwich, also known as a sub, grinder, hero, hoagie, Italian sandwich, po' boy, wedge, zep, or torpedo,are all regional names for a popular Italian American sandw (MORE)
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Do you have to get a coffee grinder if you get a coffee press?

No, you don't have to. But you will have to buy ground coffee,  which is not as fresh tasting as home-ground coffee. :)     Right, home-ground coffee may be more ta (MORE)
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What is a die grinder used for?

A die grinder is a power tool mainly to grind material such as wood, plastic and metal. Comes in a range of sizes from hand held to a full bench-top size and it has numerous (MORE)

Who invented the meat grinder?

Karl Drais, also formally known by his aristocratic title Karl  Wilhelm Friedrich Christian Ludwig, Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn,  was born in Germany in 1785, and is credi (MORE)
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What is a 2 stage herb grinder?

"A herb grinder or spice grinder is a round contraption used for hand grinding herbs and spices. The two piece herb grinder has two halves (top and bottom) that separate and h (MORE)

What is the use of bench grinder?

Bench grinders are used most for sharpening blades of various kinds  -- chisels, mower blades, hoes, etc. They can also be used for  smoothing/deburring metal parts cut with (MORE)

What is the cost to rent a stump grinder?

Stump grinders come in a range of horse powers. The higher the  horse power, the higher the cost to rent. Most places you can rent  a hand type grinder for less than #300 pe (MORE)

Where did meat grinders originate?

Karl Drais, a German inventor born in 1785, is credited with developing the meat grinder during the 19th century. The basic operating principles and design of a meat grinder i (MORE)