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What is the origin of the word Gringo?

Gringo is a term in the Spanish and Portuguese languages used in some countries of Latin America to refer to foreigners from different cultures, . gringo 1849, from Mex.S (MORE)
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Lean like a gringo lyrics?

At the club, they won't let me in . Come on let me show you how I lean, like a gringo . Step back, this is my cut . When I do a dance, everybody's like What? . Like a . L (MORE)

Is the word gringo a negative word?

it could be.. gringo is not a bad word but if youre saying something negative it could be seen as a negative concept for example, its like using "Asian" you could say: Asi (MORE)

Where and when the word gringo originate?

In the late 1700's it was used in Malaga, Spain to describe someone who spoke Spanish badly. In the 1800's as Mexican/Spanish, a contemptuous word for 'foreigner' as in a pers (MORE)
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Where can you buy old gringo boots?

One can buy old gringo boots online. You can buy them on Amazon, Zappos, Ebay, Nordstrom, Maverick Western Wear, Sheplers, Designer Apparel, Aliens Boots or Country Outfitters (MORE)
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Where can you find information about Gringo?

The term Gringo is often used to describe those of Italian nationality. Information on the origins of the term can be found by doing an online inquiry searching for etymology (MORE)

What gringo mean?

Gringo is a term that Spanish-speaking Hispanic people originallyused as a disparaging name for white people. Nowadays, it's rarelyused, and if it is, it is usually used at Me (MORE)