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What is a grist of bees?

A grist of bees is the same as a swarm of bees. Other collectivenouns used for bees are cluster, hive, and nest.
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What is the book Grist by heather waldorf about?

book blurb: This summer, 16 year old Charlena (charlie) decides to hightail it to the north woods to spend the summer with her Grandma in Lake Ringrose. Not wanting to stay wi ( Full Answer )
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How does a grist mill work?

A grist mill is used to create corn meal or flour. It is usuallypowered by a water wheel, or sometimes an animal does the work. Thewheel is then connected to two stone cylinde ( Full Answer )
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What is a grist mill?

A mill where grain is ground into flour or animal feed. Modern technology is "roller mills" where grain is ground between steel rollers. Older technology would be using millst ( Full Answer )
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What is grist?

The name girst is french ! and grist is a last name for C.A. grist or Mr Grist and miss grist for any more Answers go to a other site!
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When was the first pioneer grist mill?

In 1950 If referring to pioneers in the Americas after the voyages of Columbus, there are no well kept records. The Spanish settled in the western Americas and other European ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of grist for the gossip mill?

A mill is a device for grinding, grist is seed separated from chaff and ready for grinding.. Hence, 'grist for the gossip mill' is fresh gossip, ready for spreading.. The ol ( Full Answer )
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What type of grain is grist considered?

Grits come from corn. The corn is ground up, and boiled. The end result is comparable to porridge, except for the obvious difference in the taste of grits.
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What has the author John Grist written?

John Grist has written: 'The Grist guide' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Boards of trade, Commerce, Directories, Information services 'The need for a British television trai ( Full Answer )