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What rhymes with groceries?

There are no perfect rhymes for "groceries". However, there are numerous words which are acceptable rhymes for poetic licence. These are generally the words ending in "ies", s (MORE)

How much do you make bagging groceries at a grocery store?

It depends on the store, and your position within the store. The company I work for, there isn't anyone that just bags groceries all day. Typically, everyone in the store from (MORE)
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How many liters in a grocery bag?

Using dimensions of 12" wide by 7" deep by 17" high, which seems to be roughly a standard size, that comes out to around 1430 cubic inches, which converts to approximately 23 (MORE)

What is Grocery?

ANS1>   Commodities sold by the grocer is grocery. The grocery items are used for cooking or health purpose. Example: chilli powder, garlick, turmeric, tamarind, dals, rice (MORE)

What are groceries?

  groceries are the things you buy at the store that's dealing with food or drinks.
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Can you return a grocery item to the grocery store?

Of course you can! Most grocery stores allow returns, especially if the items purchased are substandard or inedible. Bring your receipt, the product, or part of the product if (MORE)

How do i save money on my grocery bills?

Putting together an organized grocery list before making the trip to the store is essential. Otherwise you'll be more prone to impulse shopping leading to overspending. You (MORE)
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Is groceries an adverb?

No, it is a plural noun. The singular form can be used as a noun  adjunct (grocery shelves) but there is no adverb form.
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