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What is Grocery?

ANS1>   Commodities sold by the grocer is grocery. The grocery items are used for cooking or health purpose. Example: chilli powder, garlick, turmeric, tamarind, dals, rice (MORE)

What are groceries?

  groceries are the things you buy at the store that's dealing with food or drinks.
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Are groceries taxed?

Not usually but items that are prepared meals at the store are taxed and soda pop is also taxed.   ans   While no one likes taxes, virtually all places that have a sal (MORE)

How do you buy groceries?

You can go into any place that sell groceries and either THEY WILL HELP YOU OUT ,you will know how ,ask for someone to do it for you ,or ask for help while at the grocery stor (MORE)

Do groceries have taxes?

While no one likes taxes, virtually all places that have a sales tax, while they may not tax food as a special exemption, DO tax sales of just about any tangible personal prop (MORE)

What rhymes with groceries?

There are no perfect rhymes for "groceries". However, there are numerous words which are acceptable rhymes for poetic licence. These are generally the words ending in "ies", s (MORE)

Where do you buy groceries?

Before the 1940s, people bought or traded for food from:home grownfarms directlyneighborshucksters - men who went by wagon neighborhood to neighborhood, selling produce and ho (MORE)