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What rhymes with groceries?

There are no perfect rhymes for "groceries". However, there are numerous words which are acceptable rhymes for poetic licence. These are generally the words ending in "ies", s (MORE)

Has JCPenney ever sold groceries?

In the late 1960s, J. C. Penney's acquired Supermarkets  Interstate, an Omaha-based food retailer which operated leased  departments in J. C. Penney stores. The leased-space (MORE)

What were grocery prices in 2005?

In June of 2005, the average cost for a one-pound loaf of white  bread was $1.09. Fresh whole chickens were $1.07 per pound. The  average price for one dozen, grade A large (MORE)

What does DSD mean in grocery terms?

Direct store delivery. The manufacturer of the product delivers the product directly to the store and merchandise the product. Pepsi and Coke are examples of DSD.
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How much do you make bagging groceries at a grocery store?

It depends on the store, and your position within the store. The company I work for, there isn't anyone that just bags groceries all day. Typically, everyone in the store from (MORE)

Who owns Publix grocery stores?

Publix is a private, employee-owned company. Employees, their families, and their heirs own the chain.
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What is Grocery?

ANS1>   Commodities sold by the grocer is grocery. The grocery items are used for cooking or health purpose. Example: chilli powder, garlick, turmeric, tamarind, dals, rice (MORE)

Can you return a grocery item to the grocery store?

Of course you can! Most grocery stores allow returns, especially if the items purchased are substandard or inedible. Bring your receipt, the product, or part of the product if (MORE)