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What is grounding?

Grounding is a permanent and conductive path to earth. It must have enough ampacity to carry any fault current that is imposed on it. The grounding medium must have enough low (MORE)

What is ground?

Ground is a direct connection to the earth. An electricity groundis a connection to a particular point in an electrical orelectronic circuit from which voltages are measured.

Where do I ground if there is No ground coming out of the box?

The question doesn't say what "the box" refers-to: is it a wall box for a socket outlet or is it for a switch - or is it actually the main circuit breaker panel for the buildi (MORE)

What to do when grounded?

It all depends on what you are restricted to do while grounded. If you've had all your electronics taken away, try reading or doing something related to school. Or if school i (MORE)

What can you do when your grounded?

read a book! write a book! listen to music! clean your room! Or you could think about WHY you're grounded so you won't make that mistake again.
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What is a grounding?

A connection between an electrical conductor and the Earth. Grounds are used to establish a common zero-voltage reference for electric devices in order to prevent potentially (MORE)