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Why are dryers grounded?

A dryer has an electric motor with energized windings. The copper wire in the windings has a thin layer of insulation material that keeps the current from arcing over to an ad (MORE)

What do worms do in the ground?

worms decomposes organic material in the soil (like dead animals or dead plants) by eating them. they then digest the food and expel it out as their faeces. the faeces is used (MORE)

Does Saturn have a ground?

Apparently not. It seems that the four giant planets are gas giants, without a surface on which you could stand. They may have a solid center way, way inside, under conditions (MORE)

How do you get out of grounding?

tell your parents you are completely sorry , learned your lesson and need to go to your friends house for a project.
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What is Grounding Electricity?

Grounding or earthing is to connect the electrical instrument to the ground to get red of the electrical charge stuck on the surface of the instrument due to the resistance of (MORE)

Who is a ground staff?

Ground Staff is a person who has assist the Customers, like totally help full them at arriving, departure and solve their queries.
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What is a grounding?

A connection between an electrical conductor and the Earth. Grounds are used to establish a common zero-voltage reference for electric devices in order to prevent potentially (MORE)

What is ground tissue?

Ok well first of all if you are looking for a simple answer don't look here!!  A plant is made up of three different kinds of tissue systems, dermal, ground, and vascular. Gr (MORE)
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Is ground a pronoun?

No, the word 'ground' is a noun, an adjective and a verb. The noun 'ground' is a word for the surface of the earth; an area of land; a reason for what you say or do; the subj (MORE)