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Why is Common Sense considered to be such a groundbreaking pamphlet?

I don't know that you could call them 'ground breaking' as there was no true originality in them, they simply translated current political philosophy into real world applicati (MORE)

Why is John Milton's Paradise Lost groundbreaking?

John Milton's treatise of the theme in Paradise Lost was new, though the theme was a very old one in literature. Whatever be the influence and power of God over man, when oust (MORE)
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Is 'Wicked' a groundbreaking musical?

It is particularly by getting great numbers of people to consider theater as an entertainment and instructional medium that "Wicked" is a groundbreaking musical that in fact (MORE)

What was Shakespeare's groundbreaking play?

Love's Labour's Lost. As the title implies, notwithstanding their "labour" at getting together, at the end of the play nobody gets married to anybody else. The play itself rec (MORE)
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What is typically involved in a groundbreaking ceremony?

Ground breaking ceremonies can vary greatly in scale ranging from small ceremonies for a few people to extravagant festivals. But the process stays relatively the same. This (MORE)