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What is groupthink?

Groupthink is when a group of people all share the same beliefs and  behave in the same way. Groupthink occurs when everyone in the  group has a strong desire to conform and (MORE)

How do group norms contribute to groupthink?

Groupthink is the most dangerous type of social activity when trying to solve a problem. Group norms are the guidelines which we follow in order to be part of an in group or p (MORE)

Why is groupthink bad for a team?

Specifically, an individual with a stronger personality, may try to take over the show, another might not want to speek outloud, and proclam a good idea , because he may fear (MORE)
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What is a good current example of the groupthink theory?

A good example could be: A group of teenagers are hanging out on a Tuesday night. One person suggests going to a concert late at night. A few other members of the group think (MORE)
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What is NOT a factor in avoiding groupthink?

the leader should assign at least three members of the group therole of adversary to examine the group's decision process. The leader should assign at least three members of t (MORE)
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What is the theory behind GroupThink?

Groupthink is a psychological theory based on the fact that a group of people will often reach an incorrect or deviant decision due to a desire for conformity and conflict avo (MORE)