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Why do you grow?

Because the growing elves that live in the forest are friends with Father Time. They get together once a week and create growth dust. Then in the middle of the night they tunn (MORE)
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What can you do to grow?

well!.....just sleep often trust me i was taller than my cuzz now hes taller than me through sleep so your basic answer is sleep. ( im going through the same issue)

Why do tropical rainforests grow where they grow?

Most of the rainforests in the world are along the equator. This is because it is so hot there, and all the water gets evaporated and condenses in that area, creating precipit (MORE)
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How you can grow?

You grow by eating healthy and moving around. Have your fruits five times an day.

Do your teeth grow as you grow older?

Human teeth do not grow, once you have them. There are a number of species whose teeth never stop growing, such as rabbits, because they are constantly gnawing on things and t (MORE)
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Does the brain grow as you grow?

weel your brain as you get bigger you might get smartet to be bale to gorw you need water also your brain need water because th at what your brain

When do breasts grow and stop growing?

They begin at puberty (typically around 12 to 16) They never stop growing until menopause (the end of their menstruation cycle, typically around age 42 to 58) Near the e (MORE)