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What is 'GUS States'?

"GUS" is the German equivalent acronym for "CIS" (Commonwealth of Independent States), i.e. the post-Soviet successor states such as Belarus, Ukraine etc.
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Who is hul gu?

  Hul Gu, better known as Hulagu Khan and also known as Hulagu, Hülegü, or Hulegu. (c. 1217 - Febuary 8, 1265), was a Mongol ruler who conquered much of Southwest Asia. (MORE)

Who plays Gus in lonesome dove?

actually it was Robert Duvall two other westerns you should check him out in is John Wayn's True Grit and Clint Eastwood's Joe Kidd he plays a villain in both
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Who invented the gu zheng?

I'm not sure who invented it, but legend says that in Ancient China, their was an instrument called the Se (extinct instrument), and each time the emperor listened to it's mus (MORE)

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What is a gloomy gus?

A person who always expects the worst possible outcome from any situation. If you give him a million dollars, he will only notice that he has to pay income tax on it.
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