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Where is Guadalcanal?

Guadalcanal is a volcanic island in the western Pacific Ocean in the Solomon Islands. It is located west of Australia on the eastern edge of the Coral Sea and southeast of New (MORE)

How many Americans died at guadalcanal?

  Over 7,000 US servicemen died at Guadalcanal. Contrary to popular opinion, and the Television "History Channel/Military Channel" Guadalcanal episode, which was hosted by (MORE)

Why was Guadalcanal important to the US?

It was the first offensive action by American naval and ground forces against Japanese in World War II. If the Japanese military had kept the island and completed the airbase, (MORE)

Why was the battle of guadalcanal important?

During World War II, the Battle of Guadalcanal was important for  several reasons. For one thing, it represented the beginning of the  Allied offensive against the Japanese. (MORE)

How did the battle of Guadalcanal end?

The Battle of Guadalcanal ended when American Marines and Army soldiers chased the Japanese Army to the northern end of the island and forced them to evacuate near Cape Espera (MORE)

Why were the victories at Guadalcanal and Midway important?

The victory at Midway inflicted irreparable damage on the Japanese fleet. The Americans lost 1 carrier, 1 destroyer, about 150 aircraft, and 307 sailors and pilots. By contras (MORE)

What was the outcome of battle of Guadalcanal?

The outcome of the Battle at Guadalcanal was the retreat of the Japanese. Although it was a tough battle for most Americans, we did win. Major King was the main person who deb (MORE)