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Where is Guangzhou?

Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton, is located in Guangdong province in southeastern China. It is a short distance inland from Hong Kong, Macau and Kowloon. Guangzhou "spike, (MORE)

How can you find a list of the hotels in Guangzhou?

There are may hotel in guangzhou, from economy to luxury. eg.Nansha Grand Hotel, Ramada Plaza Guangzhou, Guangzhou Oasis Hotel, Gitic Riverside Hotel Guangzhou and so on. Many (MORE)

What is the Chinese character for guangzhou?

i don't know but i read one article please go through this.....this may help you Cantonese or Standard Cantonese is a language spoken in and around the city of Canton (now G (MORE)

Ramada Plaza Guangzhou is it located in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou?

The Ramada Plaza Guangzhou (Guangzhou Jiahong Huameida Guangchang Jiudian) is located in Tianhe District of Guangzhou, adjacent to East Guangzhou Station, and Metro Line 3. (MORE)

Yihe Hotel Guangzhou is it clean?

The Yihe Hotel (Guangzhou Yihe Dajiudian), located in Yihe Resort at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, features gardens of Southeast Asian style. The hotel is 20 minutes drive from (MORE)
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What is the importance of guangzhou?

It is the manufacturing hub of China, where most of the made in china products come from. It is a business hub with many foreign companies. Guangzhou is the third largest city (MORE)