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What does guanine match with?

In DNA, Guanine matches with Cytosine and Adenine with Thymine. In RNA, Uracil is used instead of Thymine. Example: A - T G- C Or: A - U C - G
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Is guanine a protein?

No. Guanine is a nucleobase and is part of the chemical backbone of DNA. Proteins are much, much larger and complex than nucleobases and are not part of the chemical structure (MORE)

How many bonds does adenine and guanine have?

Our DNA is double stranded running in antiparallel orientation. In the DNA, Adenine (A) binds with Thymine (T) and Cytosine (C) binds with Guanine G). There are TWO hydrogen b (MORE)
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What is guanine?

  It is an organic base of the purine family. It was reported (1846) to be in the guano of birds; later (1879-84) it was established as one of the major constituents of nu (MORE)