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What is corporate guarantee?

A guarantee provided by a corporation, a legal person, is known is  corporate guarantee.
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What is bank guarantee?

Bank guarantee means that the bank opens a written certificate to the beneficiary at the consignor's request. As the guarantor, bank has the responsibilities to handle the deb (MORE)

What rhymes with guarantee?

By syllables, "absentee" or possibly "parent tea." 3 syllable inexact matches include honoree, jubilee, and bourgeoisie. One syllable rhymes: bee fee gee he key lee me pee sea (MORE)

What is bank guarantee and types of guarantees?

  Tender Guarantee (also called Bid Bond)   This is usually issued for an amount equal to between 1 and 2 percent of the contract value. It gives the employer compens (MORE)

What is a Counter Guarantee?

A counter guarantee is a guarantee given by the surety to the principle debtor providing him with continuing indemnity against the loss or damage that the surety may suffer on (MORE)

What is personal guarantee?

Have you been reject loan by the Big Banks and other Financial Institutions? Are you in need of finance for Business? Personal? Commercial Projects, Mortgage or Real Estate Fi (MORE)

What does guaranteed mean?

It means you're sure about something, so sure that you are prepared to pay someone if it is not true. The word guarantee means the same as warranty, your promise of the qualit (MORE)
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What is a process guarantee?

It is a promise by the person in charge, such as a judge in a legal matter, that the time and manner needed to arrive at the solution or outcome that was agreed upon will happ (MORE)
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What do check guarantee services guarantee?

Trans Union in South Africa offers check guarantee service. This reduces loss due to customers' check payments being dishonored by the bank. Trans Union is the only bank in (MORE)