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How did guelph get its name?

  The city of Guelph was named in 1827 to honour the British Empire's King George IV, whose family name was Gwelf. The spelling has been changed to today's "Guelph" - but (MORE)

Did Terry Fox run in guelph?

  Yes, he did my Mom took me down to Roots Home Hardware when it was on Speedvale and Woolwich to see him. He stopped briefly in the parking lot and I got to shake his han (MORE)

Is Guelph Mafia Run?

Not as it once was. After 1978 when Frank Silvestro was killed while jogging his successor backed down and in turn the once powerful Guelph mafia turned into just "stories and (MORE)

Is guelph humber a good university?

There are definitely better universities in Canada to go to than Guelph-Humber. What program do you want to go into? Guelph-Humber only has Business, Early Childhood, Family a (MORE)
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How big is Guelph?

The population is 114,943 as of 2006, plus about 21,000 students at the University of Guelph. The area is about 87 square kilometers (33.5 square miles).
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