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Where can you find Shalimar Light perfume by Guerlain?

My all time favorite! Beautiful fragrance. Since it's been discontinued, it's hard to find, but you can find it still through eBay and Amazon. However, they are overcharging f (MORE)
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What is the pronunciation of the French name 'Guerlain'?

" Gher-leh " is a pronunciation of the French name " Guerlain ." Specifically, this is a standard textbook way of pronouncing the name of one of the world's oldest perfume (MORE)
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Does guerlain test on animals?

According to several animal rights groups, Guerlain has beenintentionally vague regarding their animal testing policies. It ispossible that they are testing on animals, so veg (MORE)
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What is the background for L'heure Bleue by Guerlain?

L'heure bleue literally means the blue hour in English. It is twilight when the sky is a deep blue after the red has gone out of the sunset. Many French painters were inspired (MORE)
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When was the first Guerlain Perfume launched?

The Guerlain Perfume house was founded in 1828 and the first custom made perfume was recorded as being in 1853. This was known as the Eau de Cologne Imperiale.