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How to get a guy?

You definitely should be yourself so he doesn't become attracted to someone you are not. Flirt a bit to see how he reacts to it, and if it's positive from him, he'll start to ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a guy?

Answer Talk to him, see what he likes, become friends with him, ask himout on a date. You could get one of your friends to do it and if hesays no then your friend can tell him ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the guy?

idk but all i think is like call him 4 no reason saying that ur best friends and keep saying that tell the end of the call and say i gtg i like u by the way bye!!!!!!!!!!!! TH ( Full Answer )
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How do you get guys?

dont date guys date the babes! Plumbing works one way!! Lol jk jk just be urself and smexy
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What do you do to get a guy?

to get a guy- 1. like what he likes (for example: he likes to bike u have to like bike) hint 1: think before u say it or see if u can do it... 2. sit together... >>>:(
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How can you be with a guy?

The term "being with a guy" means you are sexually intimate with them and having sex at times. With children, it often just means having a crush on someone and doing activi ( Full Answer )
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How do you get with a guy?

u get wit a guy by metting him and getting 2 know him and maby kiss a
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How do you get at a guy?

You get a guy by being you true self. If your a girl who wears a lot of make up, dont. Guys dont want a girl who over dresses in make up, a guy wants a beautiful sexy girl.
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What to do with a guy?

You like: Be who you are and if he don't like you, tough luck to him. Tell him you like his hair and stuff now and again. ;] You Dislike: Ignore him and just ( Full Answer )
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Who is an IT guy?

An it guy is different for every girl but mine is . funny . intereted in what I have to say, feel and do . tall . sporty or musical . giving, kind and caring But as i s ( Full Answer )