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What is a train guide for?

A train guide tells you where you are going. Some people need it, for example if they don't usually take the train or it is their first time more than likely they will either (MORE)
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What is ground guiding?

Providing hand and arm signals to a driver to assist in backing or careful maneuvering.
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Is there an Esroh guide?

Yes there is an you can find an Esroh! In the internet i heard there is an Esroh Guide! Keep looking ~Zia

How do you get in to guides?

if i am correct guides are the opposite of scouts, but for girls. to get in simply look on the internet for guides that may be around your area attend on one of the meeting da (MORE)

What is a Girl Guide?

A girl guide is a member of the Girl Guides association. It is a youth organization which takes place in units for young girls aged 4 onwards. Girl Guides is a program for g (MORE)
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What does GUID stand for?

In computing, "GUID" stands for "Globally Unique Identifier" "GUI" can also stand for "Graphical User Interface"
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