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What is a guided presentation?

I am working on a guided presentation now for my IB diploma. It's basically when you lead a group in a paideia, "fishbowl discussion", etc. You would do this by first talking (MORE)

What is a bore guide?

  Answer   This is a tool used to align the cleaning rod with the bore so that it doesn't rub against the sides of the bore when you pull the cleaning rod in and out. (MORE)

What was the shoshone guide?

That would be "Who was the Shoshone guide on the Lewis and Clark expedition?" and the answer is the young Shoshone girl with a Hidatsa name: Tsakakawia (Bird Woman). This name (MORE)

How is a pony guided?

The bridle has reins for riding horses and the person holds onto them and steer it where it needs to go.
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What is a user guide?

A user guide ,also known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system. It step-by-step describes how the (MORE)

What is tour guiding?

  A tour guide or tourist guide is a person who leads groups of people around a town, museum, or other tourist venue. The guide provides a commentary on the features and h (MORE)

What is a Reader's Guide?

A Reader's Guide to periodical literature is a set of books that lists, alphabetically by author and subject, the articles that are published in more than 200 periodicals. Eac (MORE)

What is tour guide?

A tour guide is someone you hire to show you the attractions when  you go on vacation. Tour guides are generally knowledgeable about  the attractions and can get better pric (MORE)

What do Girl Guids do?

Girl Guides are groups just for girls. They usually go on camping trips often, and they sell girl guide cookies to raise money for the company. They usually meet once a week, (MORE)

What is the noun for guide?

The word 'guide' is both a verb and a noun . The noun 'guide' is a word for someone who advises or showsthe way to others; someone employed to conduct others and giveinform (MORE)