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What is guidance?

Guidance is advice targeting a specific problem or struggle. But you may be referring to The Guidance Office at your school. Which is just where a guidance counselor can help (MORE)
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What is manual guidance?

Manual guidance is a coaching technique used in many sports, although coaches tend to steer-clear of this technique nowadays due to child protection and and a series of alloga (MORE)

What is Spirituality Guidance?

If you are a christian spiritual guidance is when you are guided by the Holy Spirit and not your own knowledge. Sorry, but your answer is predicated based on YOUR limited (MORE)

What is prudential guidance?

The adjective prudential is a form of the word prudent, which means careful, discreet, cautious, wise or reasonable. Prudential guidance would be guidance given in a careful, (MORE)
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What is a guidance secretary?

My guess is that you are referring to a secretary who works in the guidance department of a high school or middle school. These secretaries help guidance counselors organize t (MORE)
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What is guidance class?

Well, at my school, guidance class replaces typing and technology in the third term. The guidance class is just sexual education.