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What is guidance services?

Guidance services help people make important decisions. Colleges  often have guidance services to help students choose the right  career path, while high schools often have (MORE)
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What is guidance and councelling?

  guidance and counseling or guidance counseling?   Guidance counseling can be a one on one or group counseling session led by a counselor or individual with the intent (MORE)
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What is the adjective for guidance?

The word guidance is a noun. When used with another noun, it acts  as a noun adjunct (e.g. guidance counselor).   However, it is related to the verb to guide, whose  par (MORE)

What is the scope of guidance?

ü Self-confidence development ü Motivation to achieve ü Decision-making, goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving skills ü Interpersonal effectiveness ü Communica (MORE)

What is guidance and counseling?

Guidance is seeking the advice and suggestions of another person. Counselling is when you ask another person by using their skill and understanding to enable you to better man (MORE)

What is guidance and what is counseling?

Both terms are particularly similar. Guidance and counseling is advice one may give you when a question is asked. Both mean to lead one in hopefully a positive direction assis (MORE)

What is guidance to judges?

If you are asking what judges use for guidance when they are making their decisions, there are several answers, and it will depend upon the proceeding and the type of judge an (MORE)
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What is guidance class?

Well, at my school, guidance class replaces typing and technology in the third term. The guidance class is just sexual education.
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