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What is the meaning of guidance and couselling?

Both words are primarily the same thing, interchangeable and yet slight differences in the meanings still. They're generally when a professional or someone with experience h (MORE)

What are the leading concerns of guidance?

Some of the leading concerns of guidance include the induction of  virtues while some are simply ignored or forgotten. It is difficult  to make sure that a person is brought (MORE)

Can you explain this all guidance is education but not all education is guidance?

  All advice that you receive contributes to your knowledge and reasoning   BUT   some education (such as memorizing facts, etc) is not intended to guide you on the (MORE)
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What is the adjective for guidance?

The word guidance is a noun. When used with another noun, it acts  as a noun adjunct (e.g. guidance counselor).   However, it is related to the verb to guide, whose  par (MORE)
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Why is guidance you education but not education is guidance?

Any type of guidance from someones own experience may contribute to  your knowledge and can help you in your education, but education  such as memorizing and learning facts (MORE)

What is guidance and counseling?

Guidance is seeking the advice and suggestions of another person. Counselling is when you ask another person by using their skill and understanding to enable you to better man (MORE)

What is the purpose of guidance according to erikson?

According to Erickson, is a child is given no guidance, he will  fail to experience shame or guilt and be impulsive. This is to  occur in the autonomy vs shame and doubt sta (MORE)
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What is guidance class?

Well, at my school, guidance class replaces typing and technology in the third term. The guidance class is just sexual education.
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