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What was the purpose of guilds?

Guilds in the middle ages purpose was to control the production and selling of a certain service, good, or trade. The definition of guild is a group of people in the same trad (MORE)

Why were guilds created?

Guilds were created to protect the interests of people who worked in a particular trade or craft. They did this by creating and enforcing standards on quality, price, and educ (MORE)

Who are the lollipop guild?

The lollipop guild were a group of Munchkins from the book and film adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that welcome Dorothy Gale to Munchkinland and, consequently, Oz wh (MORE)

What are guilds?

A guild was an association of tradesmen or merchants who provided the same sorts of products or services. There were guilds of such groups as soap-makers, spice merchants, and (MORE)
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What is the role of guilds?

Medieval towns began as centers for trade, but they soon became places where many goods were made. Both trade and the production of goods were overseen.  Guilds provided help (MORE)

What is a craft guild?

Craft guilds evolved in medieval Europe as a means to ensure  quality of work, means of production, and working conditions for  skilled laborers in various trades. In order (MORE)

What are the guilds in skyrim?

The guilds in Skyrim that you can join are the following: 1. Imperial Legion 2. Stormcloaks 3. Companions 4. Dark Brotherhood 5. Blades 6. College of Winterhold 7. Bards Col (MORE)