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What are guilds?

A guild was an association of tradesmen or merchants who provided the same sorts of products or services. There were guilds of such groups as soap-makers, spice merchants, and (MORE)

Is it guilding the lily or guilding the lily?

The answer is that it is neither "guilding" the lily or not the correct phrase and spelling is " gilding the lily " 'to gild' is to coat an object (in this case a lily) wi (MORE)

How do you make a guild in Guild Wars?

Talk to the non-player character whose occupation is a guild registrar. These can be found in most major cities. Those being Shing Jea Monastary, Kaineng Center, Kamadan, Jewe (MORE)

What is a guild?

Usually means a club (a group of people with similar interests). For example, I just joined the computer guild.

What was the first guild in guild wars?

The first guild in Guild Wars was named Zealots of Shiverpeak. Their guild tag was [ZoS]. They were founded in the year 2003, on the 10th of October during the game's alpha te (MORE)

What is merchant guilds and craft guilds?

Guilds were organizations, usually gathering together those who performed similar crafts (i.e. Painters Guild). They functioned to train apprentices and teach them the "secret (MORE)

What is the guild?

A guild (pronounced /ɡɪld/) is an association of artisans who control the practice of their craft in a particular town. The earliest types of guild were formed as conf (MORE)