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What is guinea?

Geography: Guinea - Place in West Africa formrly called as French guinea Zoology: Guinea fowl - Flightless bird belonging to the order same as pheasants and turkeys; monogamou (MORE)

Are guinea pigs from New Guinea?

No. They originated in the area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in South America. There are a large number of theories on why they came to be known as "Guinea Pigs", one being t (MORE)

What is a guinea?

A Guinea is a coin of the old pre-decimal British currency. It was worth approximately 21 shillings.
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Where is a guinea heart?

It is closer to their belly than their back, and just below the  chin area. You can feel it beating, but it feels different to a  human heartbeat as it is so fast. Please te (MORE)
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Are guinea real?

It depends on what, exactly, is meant.   Guineas were an old coin minted in England.   Guinea pigs are small, furry rodents, often kept as pets.   Guinea fowl are (MORE)
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Where do you get guinea pigs from?

You can get them from any pet store really if you have a petco,petsmart,kennel shop near you those are very good stores.I got mine from kennel shop and i have no complants i l (MORE)

Is Papua New Guinea and New Guinea both in Guinea?

No, Papua New Guinea is in the Pacific. It is the country on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, although it is sometimes called New Guinea for short. The western ha (MORE)
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What does guinea mean in guinea pig?

Guinea is a country in West Africa. However this animal originated in South America. It is possible that the name of Guinea got mixed up with Guiana (which is in South America (MORE)
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Where does guinea guinea squat come from?

An elderly woman in the personal care home where I work sings these words as part of a game she played as a child. She wants to know the rest of the words.