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How are guinea pig and pigs different?

Guinea pigs are rodents, very popular domesticated pets, and not found naturally in the wild. Pigs are bred on farms for their meat and are ungulates like horses and cows. Wh (MORE)

Are guinea pigs from New Guinea?

No. They originated in the area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in South America. There are a large number of theories on why they came to be known as "Guinea Pigs", one being t (MORE)

Does a guinea pig have to have another guinea pig with it?

Yes most guinea pigs like at least one other guinea pig as company! but 2 girls i recommend they get on well but 2 boys may fight and a girl and a boy will mate but unless you (MORE)
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What are Guinea pigs?

Guinera pigs?   Guinea pigs (also commonly called cavies after their scientific name-Cavia porcellus meaning pig-like cavy) are rodents belonging to the family Caviidae a (MORE)
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Can pigs eat guinea pigs?

Theoretically, yes, but that has only happened approximately 3 times in the history of the universe. Pigs prefer foods that are very moist and gushy, if you will, so they woul (MORE)
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Are guinea pigs smart for a guinea pig?

Yes they are smart for rodents, because you can let them run around your house (if you want to) and train them to use a litter box.
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Is the guinea pig related to pigs?

No more than they are related to humans. We kept guinea pigs for many years, and I'm fairly familiar with the basics of them. Quoting Wikipedia (article "Guinea pig") (empha (MORE)