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What pick does an electric guitar use?

An electic guitar can use any pick, as a acoustic guitar can use. If you want to strum you want a flismy pick, or a small size. And if you want to pick the notes your going to (MORE)

Do you need a guitar pick for acoustic guitar?

It really depends on how you want to play it. There are basically to methods: picking and fingerpicking, both with advantages and disadvantages. To answer your question, you d (MORE)

What happens when you swallow a guitar pick?

If you swallow a guitar pick you may pass it without issue or  you may share in my experience.   For reasons unimportant to this answer, I swallowed a guitar pick  when (MORE)
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Guitar pick with loop for finger?

The one designed for your thumb is called a "thumb pick", and the ones designed for your fingers are called "finger picks".
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Are metal guitar picks good?

I honestly doubt it, the best I've ever played coming from a guy who plays metal and shredding the best picks I've ever used are 1.5mm Dunlop gator picks. they dont flap and (MORE)
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Can you play the guitar with a metal pick?

Yes, you can. Some music stores even sell picks made of metal, or multi tip picks that have a metal tip on one side. And Billy Gibbons of ZZTop has been known to use a "peso" (MORE)

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