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Who is the youngest guitarist?

I'm not sure I understand your question, but as far as rock guitarists go professionally I think in the 80's Rowan Robertson of Dio was one of the youngest guitarists in profe (MORE)

Who were the guitarist for the yardbirds?

There were various guitarists in the Yardbirds during their original 1960s run. The below list is the different guitar line ups that appeared in the band from 1963 to 1968. (MORE)

Who is the guitarist of dragonforce?

There are two of them. Herman Li, who is mainly the lead guitarist, but sometimes takes rhythm, and Sam Totman who's mainly their rhythm guitarist, but sometimes takes lead. H (MORE)

Who is the guitarist of the band the who?

Pete Townshend. He's a genius, not only is he an amazing guitarist, but he also writes ALL the songs by the who (except I'm the Face, Tommy's Holiday camp, Fiddle About, Boris (MORE)

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